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        As early as in year 2000, Shandong electric vehicles research and development center to originate as a national 863 plan electric vehicles and special part Research and Development to be the pioneer in China, Together with Germany team to start a new energy vehicle technology research, and Successfully developed mid-range pure electric vehicle  (including motor, electric control and batteries, and part of the core technology). 2003 gold Gold prize winner of North America rally. 2003 gold Gold prize winner of North America rally. In July 2007, the teamR & D center help by Weihai city government make arrangements to restructuring and reform become to Lujo company, has not receive government financial support as promise. Because when the electric car trough time, but the team was not discouraged, actively seeking commercial chance world wide. In October 2008, with the first prototype of appreciated by the investors, received the Australian Eagle Motor company 10 million RMB venture investment, the company changed its name to Lujo. 

       In April, 2010, the LUJO EV R&D become China's first one, PASS ALL OF the EEC M1 class passenger car TEST (including safety crash test) products and, so far. It was sensation of the new energy vehicles field in Europe, Reuters, Germany economic news weekly have the report on the matter, this kind of electric car has been saled on the market.

     In 2011, the Lujo Hong Kong subsidiary with Australian Alpha financial services company restructuring mergers and acquisitions,  listed on the OTC USA Stock change(the public company name for Alpha LUJO).

        Voted by famous EV media :2011 top 10 new energy vehicles company, finished with the public LuZhou, Toyota, byd, and so RongLie among them, and was named "the most potential year 2011 private enterprise".  

        Patent: the LUJO has obtained the patent (including authorized the use of patent) a total of 18, and 6 items application patent, We have own independent core intellectual property rights. Present Product:  Electric car,  special EV . 

       Lujo is leading on the vehicle and power  technology.After we test sales at home and abroad  Consumer reaction is very good and high reputation, that step is a very good foundation for Lojo To expand the market later. Technical support and The core parts users: Our electronic control and BMS USED BY many automotive design, edag group.      

       At end of 2011,320v PMAC controller was rewarded  from Shandong province for the new energy automotive key component project. Become government key recommendation company project Of  Weihai city  .      

       In November 2014,  Heze Lojo factory have built 30000sqm workshop. The factory has strong technical team and serviceteam, modern production and installation of equipment. 

      In 2018 ,introduce high-tech and international high talent,found HT Powertrain ,focus on L-U-E-V . 


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